Wheel of Wellbeing: Get Involved

Would you like to give back to your community?

The Biloela and Banana Hub is calling for Members and Volunteers



The Biloela and Banana Wellbeing HUB has been recently established in the Banana Shire, following in the footsteps of the Central Highlands.

“The Central Highlands Mental Health Wellbeing Hub has been established in Central Highlands by Centacare and is funded by CHRC, QLD Mental Health Commission, Centacare and CQ Rural Health. The Hub has been so readily accepted by communities within in Central Highlands & Isaac Regions in its 3 yrs since conception; it is now in the process of becoming an Incorporated Association”. -CHMHW

The purpose of the Hub is to work with our community to enhance existing knowledge and skills around physical and mental wellbeing.

The Hub members are encouraged to identify what is important to the community, what creates happiness, positive wellbeing and strength.  The Hub can then identify ways to create more of these positive factors to increase the opportunities for individuals, families and communities to flourish.

While other Hubs offer support by sharing activities and workshops that have been done in their areas, it is important to note that our community is unique. This uniqueness is to be embraced and celebrated with activities which reflect community wants and needs.

One of the tools the Hubs are utilising is the Wheel of Wellbeing.

The Wheel of Wellbeing (WoW) teaches simple techniques to promote wellbeing, using a positive psychology approach.  WoW has a holistic approach, focussing on body, mind, spirit, people, place and planet.  Facilitators are taught to adapt the techniques to suit their community – the people, the place and the resources they have available to them.

The CHMHW Hub has satellite hubs in Capella/Tieri, Gemfields, Blackwater, Springsure, Middlemount & Biloela has just started!

Some of the activities/events undertaken to date have been

  • 1 Day & Half Day Wheel of Wellbeing (WoW) Introduction Workshops
  • 4 Day DIY Happiness Workshops
  • 8 week intensive DIY Happiness Workshops
  • Bush walking groups
  • Macramé Workshops
  • Aboriginal Painting workshops
  • T-Shirt Bag Making Workshop
  • Kids Craft
  • Xmas Craft
  • Friendship Feast
  • BBQ/Morning Tea/Events for Domestic Violence Week, Disability Action Week, Biggest Morning Tea, Mental Health Week, International Women’s Week
  • Workplace Wellbeing Workshops

 This year the Biloela and Banana hubs are planning even more exciting, interactive and inclusive events for all.

Come and join us if you feel you would like to

  • Give back a little
  • Educate yourself about Happiness & Wellbeing and what it means to you
  • Be involved in ‘Feel Good’ Activities
  • Develop connections with like-minded people from across the region
  • Make the best of where you live
  • Celebrate the attributes of your community

No experience required…. Just eagerness 😊


Let us know you are interested!

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Contact Us:

PO Box 368, 66 Callide St

(07) 4992 1040