liveWELL CQ Common Client Cohort

Project Purpose

The Common Client Cohort project was created as there is evidence that in many places across the world, the most vulnerable individuals struggle with multi-dimensional problems, such as homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse, and chronic health conditions.  As a result, they frequently interact with multiple public systems, including jails, hospitals, and mental health facilities.  Data traditionally siloed within respective agencies frequently slows such coordinated efforts across entities.  Cross-system initiatives that identify these individuals and provide them with comprehensive treatment have been shown to reduce their service needs.


This project will seek to work towards answering a long term question of:

Does the identification and targeting of collaborative service provision towards super-utilizers of multiple CQ services reduce the individual client costs to those services, to the community and improve the overall health, wellbeing and functioning of those clients?

Project Goals

Short Term:

  • Conduct and publish a literature review
  • Gain organisational commitment for initiative
  • Gaining, reflecting and learning from multiple perspectives on why the issue exists
  • Go through the process of setting thresholds, reviewing de-identified client characteristics and economic and social costs/impacts of their super use
  • Confirming project wide thresholds
  • Publishing narrative on the project

Medium Term:

  • Literature review on complex client interventions
  • Reviewing and measuring client and family characteristics and wellbeing scores
  • Engaging stakeholders and clients in developing interventions
  • Monitoring and supporting

Long Term:

  • Reduce service use by frequent users (economic and social impacts on frontline services)
  • Improve health, wellbeing, social functioning of these individuals and their families

liveWELL CQ is a partnership of committed community health, human services, community care organisations and government agencies that work collaboratively to enact transformational change for improved health and wellbeing outcomes for the people of Central Queensland.

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