Suicide Prevention Training

Training the community to recognise and respond to suicidality is vital for suicide prevention.

“Many people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts communicate distress through their words or actions but these warning signs may be missed or misinterpreted. Training can provide people with the knowledge and skills to identify warning signs that someone may be suicidal, talk to them about suicidal thoughts and connect them with professional care.” (Black Dog Institute, 2018)

Suicide prevention training educates the community on suicidality, including correcting common misconceptions and removing stigma. Training also provides people with the confidence to respond to a crisis in a positive way. There are many different types of suicide prevention training. Some is aimed at building personal and community resilience, some teach community members how to help each other with mental illness in general and others teach how to respond to someone in a crisis. They also all have different intended audiences or participants including the general public, youth, Indigenous Australians and health professionals.

Free online training available now.

Online training available now.

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