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Why do we need a youth space?

Bilo Goes Blue is all about campaigning for a youth drop-in space, but why do we need one? Drop-in youth spaces are incredibly helpful in connecting young people to services and to each other. Having a safe, fun, and supportive place to spend time allows young people to build social skills, learn new things, build positive relationships with adults, and feel more able to access the services they need. These spaces also have enormous benefits for the community. They have been shown to reduce crime rates and build safer and more inclusive communities.

Biloela is facing some really complex problems. Our young people need help with their mental health and wellbeing. The community is facing increasing youth crime. Our families need support. While it’s not the only solution, a drop-in space for young people will help. It’s also what young people and service providers alike have been requesting.

How would a youth drop-in space work?

Right Now

Starting in Term 3 of 2023, a group of dedicated people in our community (the Bilo Goes Blue team) have volunteered to contribute their time and energy to running activities at the Biloela Lions Park every Tuesday afternoon from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. These activities will be fun and safe for young people, start to build connection, and help us show that a youth drop-in space is needed and supported.


The short-term plan is to find a free or low-cost space and start running drop-in afternoons. Opening this short-term space will help us show evidence of how large the need in our community is, and work with young people to design a long-term solution that’s going to work for Biloela.

The Goal

The long-term goal for Bilo Goes Blue is to find sustainable funding and create a permanent space. We have seen this happen in many other places across Queensland and we know that our community deserves the same support.

Ways you can help!

Host a Blue Event

A blue event is any type of event to help promote, advocate or support a youth drop-in space in Biloela. Examples of a blue event could be a free dress day or a bake stall. Any money raised during an event can be collected and added to the trust held by CQ Rural Health in the name of Bilo Goes Blue and a receipt will be printed. All blue events must be registered (see the section below).

For more information, please contact Genevieve Dippel at

Sign our Petition!

Sign the Bilo Goes Blue petition and encourage your friends to sign! Here’s the link to the petition for a youth drop-in space in Biloela: 

You can also complete the survey at the bottom of this page telling us why you want a drop-in youth space in Biloela and what you want it to be like!


Volunteers are essential for Bilo Goes Blue to succeed. You may be able to help us organise events, write applications or create activities for young people. We also need resources. You might have an empty space which could be a short-term location or old board games gathering dust.

For more information, please contact Genevieve Dippel at


We appreciate donations – big and small! If you would like to donate to Bilo Goes Blue please get in touch with use via email. We also have a cash donations jar located at the CQ Rural Health office, 66 Callide Street Biloela QLD 4715!

For more information, please contact Genevieve Dippel at

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