Fourteen medical practitioners attended the June CPD event in Emerald to keep up to date on cervical or lumbar radiculopathy and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Dr Jason McMillen, Dr Martin Wood and Dr Jason Papacostas (pictured above), from Brisbane Clinical Neuroscience flew into town to deliver an information filled “A patient with a cervical or lumbar radiculopathy & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” workshop.

The feedback on this training was overwhelmingly positive, with practitioners vowing to increase the use of diagnostic tools, provide patients with better information, implement additional conservative management and make use of their newfound knowledge to give their patients high quality care.

In addition there were comments focussed on the excellent opportunity to refresh & update knowledge whilst working in rural areas.

If you missed out on the Emerald event and are anywhere near Biloela on  Saturday 10th of August go along and hear from Dr Jason Papacostas and Dr Martin Wood who will be  delivering the workshop from 9.30am -12pm.

The learning outcomes for the workshop are listed below

  1. Understand the basics of spinal anatomy and radicular syndromes.
  2. Understand the clinical and radiological assessment – key indicators, confounders and ‘red flags’ of spinal anatomy and radicular syndromes.
  3. Identify treatment pathways, both surgical and non-operative, of spinal anatomy and radicular syndromes.
  4. Understand symptoms, differentials and investigations of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  5. Identify the treatment options available for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

To register for this workshop, click here.