The Wheel of Wellbeing is making tracks in Biloela. Volunteers have been active, engaging with the community at local events including Road to Rumble at the Biloela Skate Park and Biloela Community Markets in the Park for a Mother’s Day Activity. The community created and took away 20 gratitude jars and potted and gave away 15 Desert Rose Plants for Mother’s Day.

The Callide Valley Show was another great opportunity to show the community what it is all about. There were activities for kids as well as adults. Kids learned about health and chilled out by playing with play dough. Adults took some time out while the kids played to remind themselves of what they are grateful for, shared tips on wellbeing and helped others have a pep in their step by giving compliment cards. Overall it was a great experience, and it was really lovely to have so many positive reactions from people.

These events also served as a great way to let the community know about our Wheel of Wellbeing workshops. The most recent workshop was on the 25th of May (pictured on the right). Fourteen attendees learned how to live happier, healthier and flourish by: 

  • Exploring key concepts of positive psychology & how you can use them everyday
  • Learning about the Wheel of Wellbeing framework (WoW for short)
  • Discovering the simple everyday things you can do to help yourself flourish
  • Trying out some practical tools aimed at helping you be happier & healthier
  • Experimenting by sharing ideas and learning with others

The next workshop will be DIY Happiness Training delivered at the Biloela Civic Centre on the 26th, 27th of July and the 2nd and 3rd of August. The DIY Happiness training is a four day program (delivered over 2 blocks) designed by Maudsley International and supported by the Queensland Mental Health Commission. It gives participants an understanding of the concepts underpinning good mental health and wellbeing, a grounding in the WoW framework, and introduces simple tools that can be used to help people improve mental health and wellbeing.

This training is open to all Banana Shire Residents.

DIY Happiness offers the opportunity for participants to progress through verification to become a Well-being Practitioner. A practitioner can then deliver their own one day workshops.

What you will learn about through the program:

  • The science of good mental health – the importance of good social connections, coping with stress and more
  • Wheel of Wellbeing – the six universal themes that contribute to good mental health
  • Places WoW is being used – from inner city to rural and remote success stories
  • Practical tools – the everyday practices that lead to improved wellbeing
  • Experimenting for yourself – by sharing ideas and learning from others
  • Bringing WoW to your community – how you can apply WoW for yourself, your community or in your workplace

For more information on the workshop click here. To register click here. Registrations close soon