CQ Rural Health Scholarship and Mentor Match

Central Queensland Rural Health will offer scholarships of $1500 per year to students studying for careers in Rural Health.

Who’s Eligible
You must be;
i. Currently enrolled in and successfully completed at least one year of an
undergraduate health bachelor’s degree
ii. be from a rural or regional area of Queensland prior to commencing. This includes
areas that are classified as inner (rural) and outer regional (RA2 and RA3
respectively) and remote or very remote (RA4 and RA5 respectively) under the
Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS)
• To determine your classification, click the link below, tick the ASGS
Remoteness Areas 2016 box and enter your residential address.
Health Workforce Locator | Australian Government Department of Health
iii. interested in returning to a rural or remote community after study
Selection Criteria
i. All applicants must complete the application form attached below
ii. the scholarship will be awarded on the basis of:
a) demonstrated commitment to the future of rural health
b) demonstrated financial need
iii. The award of a scholarship will be made at the absolute discretion of the Board of Central
Queensland Rural Health.

Payment in the first year will be upon receiving a successful applicants bank account details. In all following years it will be upon receiving confirmation of continued enrolment and an academic transcript/studies report for the preceding year, this information must be received by the 15th of February each year.


Ongoing Eligibility

To continue to be eligible for this scholarship throughout their program, successful applicants must achieve at least a pass in all courses studied. They must also provide CQRH with an academic transcript or studies report for the preceding year and proof of enrolment for the commencing year.

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I am currently undertaking a rural placement in Proserpine, QLD as I was successful in my application to the Extended Rural Placement (ERP) program. This is a 6 month placement in which I am based at the Proserpine hospital both in the wards and ED. I am currently in week 3 of this placement and have found it to be an excellent learning opportunity so far and look forward to developing my skills further throughout my time in Proserpine. I was also accepted to the Oxford University International Elective program in which I would have completed an 8 week placement in obstetrics and gynaecology at the Nuffield teaching hospital in Oxford, UK. However, due to COVID this placement has been cancelled and I will be based in Mackay for the final 6 months of my degree in which I will gain further experience in anaesthetics, emergency medicine and infectious diseases. I look forward to the clinical experiences that are ahead this year and believe that these opportunities will help me to become a competent doctor to serve rural communities in Australia and thank CQRH for their support in allowing me to pursue these opportunities.  

Belynda Walsh

Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery

I had a great 2020 and am so thankful for the rural health scholarship. At dental school we have to buy a lot of expensive equipment ourselves (e.g. models, teeth, instruments) so I put the scholarship money to good use buying those items!! 

A big achievement from 2020 was being selected in the Undergraduate Sponsorship Program with the Australian Defence Force. This means upon graduation I will be working as a Dental Officer with the Australian Army. I’ve attached a photo from my appointment day in September last year. 

Thank you again for the ongoing support!

Tiarnee Iddles

Bachelor of Dental Science

The CQ Rural Health Scholarship eased the challenges of moving away from home and family, whether it was financial or widening my contacts of professionals within the rural health field. 

Now after graduating from undergrad I am continuing my education with a Master of Pharmacy starting in March. 

I would like to thank all those at Central Queensland Rural Health for their support over the past 2 years. 

Jacob Firth

Bachelor of Biomedical Science


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