Finding our Future

Let’s create a Biloela where young people flourish!

Why are we holding this workshop?

Too often, decisions are made about the lives of young people with little to no input from them. We want to do things differently. We want to create an opportunity for young people, parents and carers, service providers and other community members to design the future of Biloela together.

What will the workshop be like?

It will be relaxed and fun. You will have to opportunity to let your voice be heard and share the things that matter to you. We’ll work together to find out the things that are great about Biloela and how we an make things even better. You will be able to create your dream for Biloela and show what that would look like using art supplies, written word, speech, technology or any other way you want to. You will be able to work together in groups to figure out how to make this dream a reality. After the workshop you will have the opportunity to create these changes!

Oh and there’s pizza, we can’t forget about the pizza.

When and where is it?

The workshop is on Saturday November 28th 2020 at the Biloela Civic Centre. The workshop will run from 9:00am to 3:00pm with lunch and morning tea supplied. Registrations (arriving, signing in, getting your name tag and finding your seat) will open at 8:30am.

Counting Down to the Workshop!








Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know what could make Biloela a better place, should I still come to the workshop?

Yes! Even if you aren’t sure on what you think right now, your voice still matters and we still want to hear it. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to talk to other people at the workshop, and come up with ideas together!

I'm really shy and speaking up scares me. Will I be able to participate in the workshop?

Yes! If speaking up scares you, that’s okay! There will plenty of ways for your voice to be heard without you saying a word. We’ll be writing down ideas, using art supplies and technology.

I'm not a young person, can I still come to the workshop?

Absolutely! The more diverse voices we have, the better. If you’re passionate about improving the mental health and wellbeing of young people in Biloela, we want you there.

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