Biedo Easy Read Summary: Drought Edition
Inside this Easy Ready Summary – Drought Edition:
• Government Payments, Subsidies and Rebates
• Practical Assistance Available, i.e. fodder, fuel etc
• How to Help
• Support Services, Relevant Contacts, Articles, Website Links and more
• What Are “Normal Stress Systems”
Blueprint for better healthcare in Queensland
Queensland is a great state with a good healthcare system, but there are many opportunities for better performance. The Blueprint for better healthcare in Queensland sets the scene for structural and cultural improvements in a health system we will all be proud of.
The partnerships analysis tool
This resource is for organisations entering into or working in a partnership to assess, monitor and maximise its ongoing effectiveness. It was revised in 2011 to include information on changing organisations and has recently been refreshed for 2016.
People and Communities: The 2014 regional wellbeing survey
It is often difficult to find information on wellbeing, and particularly so for rural and regional communities. The Regional Wellbeing Survey helps address this gap, by examining the subjective wellbeing of people living in rural and regional areas of Australia, and how they are experiencing the many changes occurring in their communities.
The Queensland Plan: Queenslanders' 30 Year Vision
The following is Queenslanders’ 30-year vision:

In 30 years Queensland will be home to vibrant and prosperous communities.

Our state will be well planned with the right infrastructure in the right places to support a population that has grown across every region.

We will value education as a lifelong pursuit where we gain practical skills, enrich our lives, find secure jobs and improve the competitiveness of our economy.

Our brightest minds will take on the world and we will work collaboratively to achieve the best results for Queensland.

We will be the greatest state in which to live, work and play, and guardian of a sustainable natural environment that inspires an active lifestyle and supports healthy communities.

We will have a community spirit that embraces our diversity and unique culture and gives everyone the opportunity to shine. We will not leave anybody behind.

Government can’t do this alone but as a community working together we can achieve everything we want for our state’s future.

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Queensland remote chemotherapy supervision guide (QReCS)
The guide was developed to support the safe and sustainable supervised administration of chemo and supportive therapies closer to home for patients from rural and remote areas utilising Telehealth technology.
Queensland rural and remote health service framework
The Queensland rural and remote health service framework—draft—(the Framework) aims to guide planning and provision of health services in rural and remote communities across Queensland with the intent of planning for the near and longer-term future to:

  • improve the health equity of Queenslanders living in rural and remote Queensland
  • support people living in rural and remote Queensland to access a sustainable configuration of health services
  • plan and operationalise locally determined health services that better meet health needs of rural and remote communities.
Rural and remote health service planning process

The Rural and remote health service planning process (the Process) aims to provide Queensland communities with a common approach to planning, design and delivery of health services that supports change in rural and remote health service delivery into the future. The document is intended to be used by communities, local health service providers and community groups to help identify and develop new and innovative ways to address specific needs or unique characteristics, strengths and challenges experienced in the local communities, areas or regions.

Scoping Document - Community Mental Health "tool kit"
The purpose of the project is to develop a resource that supports the development of local mental health plans at the community level. The plans will ensure the delivery of sustainable, efficient and appropriate mental health care services to rural and remote communities, including local models of mental health initiatives which would then be integrated into an overarching community mental health plan. The Community Mental Health “tool kit” will hold resources to allow communities to plan, implement and review initiatives to sustain access to activities for the broader community and individuals within the community.

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