Final Project Report
In 2014, in response to a series of community roundtables, the Queensland Mental Health Commission, Queensland Health, and the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services agreed to support regionally led groups to develop a Toolkit to support communities in the ongoing impact of the drought. This concept was developed as a result of concerns raised by community leaders and rural service providers. The Toolkit would include the development of a mechanism to enable and require that State (and preferably Commonwealth) governments consulted with the local communities to plan the allocation of resources. The Toolkit is intended to support effective local planning and maximise the distribution and results from available resources to support communities as the impacts of drought and other significant events influence the health of communities and the individuals within these communities.

This project is jointly led by Sandra Corfield, Chief Executive Officer of Central Queensland Rural Health and Sandra Kennedy, Director of Mental Health and ATODS, North West Hospital and Health Services.

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Community Mental Health Toolkit: Literature Review

The purpose of this report is to examine the current research and ‘grey’ literature around mental health and wellbeing in rural and remote areas affected by natural disasters, with a particular focus on drought within Australia. This is to identify potential strategies, preventative measures and activities local communities can put in place to assist the local population to cope with the ongoing impact of drought and other significant events. This report will then guide local communities in the development of local ‘toolkits’ that are community-driven and focused on local needs. The overall aim of the community mental health ‘toolkit’ project is to allow the local development of a mental health plan that ensures the delivery of services that are sustainable, efficient and appropriate to a specific community.

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Tooolkit Resources (Original Resource List)
This document contains the resources gathered in the original project.
Round One Consultation Report
Initial consultations have taken place to determine the needs and expectations of a sample group of rural and remote community members. The consultation process would be used to determine the focus and development of a “Tool Kit” – a set of resources and a guide to support community leaders in their efforts to maintain the well-being and general mental health of communities through drought or prolonged adverse circumstances.

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Hand in Hand: Action Plan for Springsure Drought Leadership Group
Executive Summary
The community of Springsure in Central Queensland has come together to establish a drought leadership group with the long term vision of ‘drought proofing’ their community.

The Springsure Drought Leadership Group has identified the strengths and issues confronting their community including the local economy and infrastructure, education levels, social connectedness, culture, housing, health and social services.

Based on these issues they have developed an action plan that aims to build community mental health and wellbeing. It focuses on strengthening resilience, preparing for drought, supporting the community during the drought and into recovery.  The Drought Leadership Group is also working to establish a rural mentoring network with an aim to provide some immediate contact and support before sourcing outside intervention.

This group will provide a point of contact for local groups and individuals as well as organisations outside the community. They aim to plan for their community to ensure the effects of drought are minimised for all residents. They also aim to ensure that for those affected by drought there are support services available and a strong community network to assist as required.

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Survey Data for Springsure and McKinlay

Data gathered from the 2015-16 survey completed by the local drought leadership groups in Springsure and McKinlay.

Springsure and District Drought Leadership Group – Implementation Plan
Please find the Springsure and District Drought Leadership Group – Implementation Plan here.


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