Action Plan Template – a resource to help you create an action plan which addresses the social determinants of well-being, your communities strengths and weaknesses and your groups strengths and weaknesses in an efficient way.

Letter to Government Template – this template will help you create a letter requesting partnership with government.

Implementation Plan Template – this template will help you to plan your group’s actions from the initial stages onward.

Local Drought Leadership Group Self Assessment – a resource designed to help you to assess your strengths and weaknesses as a group.

Terms of Reference Template – this template will help your group to create a Terms of Reference document, complete with purpose, vision, membership, responsibilities and decision making guidelines.

The VicHealth Partnerships Analysis Tool – this resource is for organisations entering into or working in a partnership to assess, monitor and maximise its ongoing effectiveness.

The Queensland Mental Health Commission also has some very valuable templates and resources for you to access.


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