Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Resilience Project
The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Resilience Project is an initiative of Volunteering Queensland and aims to share traditional knowledge about disaster resilience through culturally appropriate, localised engagement.

The project involves collaboration between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations, emergency services, disaster management agencies, emergency volunteers, local councils and Elders.

Key aspects of the project include:

  • yarning about resilience to natural disasters
  • learning how to withstand the effects of disasters through traditional and cultural knowledge
  • mapping strategies and possible gaps on how to build resilience
  • working with children, schools and organisations in the delivery of several published books and creative performances
  • the establishment of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander state-wide advisory group.

The project has been delivered to a number of locations in Queensland, including Cairns, Cardwell, Cherbourg, Coconut Island, Innisfail, Ipswich, North Stradroke Island, St George, Thursday Island, Toowoomba, Townsville and Yarrabah.



Julie Molloy
Step Up Program Coordinator
Volunteering Queensland
Ph: (07) 3002 7600

The Immigrant Women's Support Service (IWSS)

The Migrant Women’s Emergency Support Service Inc. (MWESS Inc.) is an incorporated, not-for profit community organisation funded by the Department of Communities to provide a Sexual Assault Service and a Domestic Violence Service; and the Department of Social Services to provide an Emergency Relief Service.

MWESS services combine to operate as the Immigrant Women’s Support Service (IWSS), a specialist service response for immigrant and refugee women from non-English speaking background and their children who have experienced domestic and/or sexual violence.


Contact Us:

PO Box 368, 66 Callide St

(07) 4992 1040