This section contains resources to help you establish your Drought Leadership Group and to help it flourish. If you would like some additional support, or to talk with someone who has experience setting up a group, please contact CQ Rural Health on (07) 4992 1040 or email Sandra at

Forms and Templates

The following forms and templates will help provide a starting point as you set up your Drought Leadership Group and begin to affect change.

Original Project Reports and Resources

This section contains documents from the original project, including more a more in-depth guide to establishing your Drought Leadership Group.


These resources will help you to help all members of the community access the education that they need.

Early Childhood Development

These resources will support early childhood development in your community.

Social Connectedness

These resources will help you foster social connectedness, foster a sense of community and prevent social isolation.

Health and Social Services

These resources help to support the mental and physical health of your community.


These resources support the development of arts and cultural programs locally.


This section contains different resources targeted towards people of different genders.


These resources support the people of different ethnicity within your community.


These resources support access to housing in your community.

Built Environment

The resource in this section guide local councils on how to provide the appropriate infrastructure for their community.

Physical Environment

These resources focus on environmental sustainability and financial support for those affected by drought.

Employment and Working Conditions

These resources support members of your community as they find employment.


These resources provide financial support to members of your community.


These resources further support you and your Drought Leadership Group as you navigate your new role.

Reference Documents

These documents give you background information on the healthcare system, regional well-being, health service planning and more.


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