How do you measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights or cups of coffee?*

How about in kilometers?

CQ Rural Health CEO, Sandra Corfield, has traveled over 42400 km in 2019. For reference, the circumference of planet earth is a mere 40075 km. This means that Sandra could have made a round the world trip then nipped over to Vanuatu for a relaxed break.

Unfortunately for Sandra, though her trips were doubtless just as exciting as round the world travel, they don’t quite stack up on the relaxation front. She has made a total of 33 trips, visiting 13 different locations and was away from home for roughly a third of the year. These locations range from just down the road to Rockhampton and Gladstone, to across the ocean to Badu Island. The purposes of travel have ranged from attending conferences, supporting general practices, consulting with hospital and health services to hosting events. A far cry from lazing on the beach with a cocktail.

Sandra certainly doesn’t let the vastness of our great country get in the way of her job. Let’s just hope, for her sake, that next year’s musical reference isn’t Fly Me to the Moon.


*Yes, it’s a Rent reference. I’m a theatre nerd… sue me!